Date With Cleveland Cavs Dancer Advice Needed


One of these lovely ladies will be going on a date with a BC reader

So here is the deal. A friend of Busted Coverage told us he has an upcoming first date with a Cleveland Cavs dancer, and we figured since he goes through dates like 12-packs it was time BC Nation offers up advice for him to finally start a successful relationship.That is where you guys come into play.

Our buddy (we’ll call him 6-foot-7) could really use some solid advice from our community of losers who would never be able to take out Cavs’ chick for a romantic evening. The date lists Hawaii as a place she’d like to visit or revisit. We can tell her right now that this broke-ass date isn’t making this a reality anytime soon.

We can only imagine it would be intimidating showing a Cavs’ dancer a good time after she’s been on the party scene with LeBron and the boys, but that is exactly the challenge for 6-foot-7.

Tell him exactly how to handle this date. He reads this site religiously.

[Cavs Dance Team]

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