Daily Dump: Adriana Lima Laughs, Bruce Pearl Texts, Pasta Sauce Face, Willa Ford Plays And More Kardashian



Adriana Lima finds it funny that this small bra would hold her cannons 

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Today’s Dump:

The next level of bartending [MacGsWorld]

A guide to a good coach post-game meltdown [The World of Issac]

Why would Bruce Pearl text Erin Andrews? Because he can [Brahsome]

Rides on Redneck Rollercoaster are free [on205th]

‘Bama has quite a lineup of arrested [Losers With Socks]

Packer fans continue to mourn [Epic Carnival]

Guy’s face gets turned into pasta sauce in MMA fight [Cage Potato]

Joe Buck’s new job will be calling Bingo games [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

Abe Lincoln wanted to do what? [Blog of Hilarity]

You won’t be singing “Danny Boy” in one NYC pub [Canadian Press]

Today’s Tail:

Blogger has face-to-face with Adriana Lima [Holy Taco]

Former Eagles cheerleader really knows how to party [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Willa Ford will play Anna Nicole [COED]

Blogger gets around to showing off Raptors dance team [Cuzoogle]

Kim Kardashian beauty tip of the day [Drunken Stepfather]

Even more Kardashian – minus sidekick Reggie [Bitten and Bound]

Getting lusty over Isla Fisher [Bright Black Internet]

Hot chicks debate breaks out -Facebook vs. MySpace [Tasty Booze]

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