Jerry Rice Gives Tempe12 Hottie A Lift


The retirement scene Brett Favre can look forward to

Yes, we understand these photos (from the Super Bowl) are a month old. Like you really care. By now we know that if the photos involve chicks and famous athletes, you’re sold.

Tonight we received an email from our friend David Freedman at Tempe12 saying he’s sorry for disappointing all of you. It’s a tough gig running a million dollar operation so cut the guy some slack. He’s busy prepping to bring you even more hot college chicks later this year.

Anyway, here are more shots of the Tempe12 lovelies enjoying Jerome Bettis, Jerry Rice, John Salley and the Super Bowl festivities including the Best Damn Sports Show Period. Remember, these ladies are in college but not giving you their phone number. Don’t even ask.

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