Indiana University Cheerleader Shows Entire Package

DON CHAVEZ has been on a roll lately. He had the Sacramento Kings cheerleader photos, followed that with the Washington Wizards chicks and now has this Indiana University cheerleader (way NSFW!).
And this IU chick even gets naked for your eyes and millions of other men. Someone forgot to tell her she could get a job with Playboy U. We’re guessing once these cruise around the ‘Net our new IU friend won’t have a gig with the cheerleading team.

Finally! We’ve been waiting for some true controversy from the Big 10 for months. It’s always . BC hopes Don is proud of possibly getting this chick kicked off the team (above IU policy). Then again, she did take the time to get naked and take photos.
For the full on nudies give Don a visit. He’ll enjoy the traffic and you’ll enjoy a peak of a college chick you’ll never land.

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