Former Detroit Tigers Farmhand In Trouble For Sex With 17-Year-Old


The SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE has the sad details of yet another coach using his power as a leader and trustworthy figure to lead to sex with a minor. Police say former Detroit Tiger farmhand and Cal Berkeley product Chris Facione had sex twice with a 17-year-old from his youth softball team, and there was a question whether he gave her an STD.

“On Jan. 18, the declaration says, Facione spoke with the player, whose doctor thought she might have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Facione assured her that he routinely gets tested, the declaration says,” reports the Union-Tribune.

Facione, who runs The Next Level Athletics, has sent dozens of players onto college scholarships. He got as high as Single-A with the Tigers. And his former players speak highly of him.

Former TNL player Taylor Kelly, now at Cal, says in her college bio: “Attending the University of California, Berkeley has been a goal of mine since I was young. I remember the day I started playing travel ball my coach and inspiration, Chris Facione (who also attended Cal), told me that he was going to help me achieve this dream of mine. I grew up hearing stories about Cal and how great it was to not only go to school with amazing athletes but also meet very intelligent individuals.”

Police report that even after the Facione STD chat, he continued to pursue the player, asking her out for dinner and “saying he missed her.”

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