Keith McCants Once Rich NFL Linebacker, Now Broke Druggie


We always love a down-and-out NFL story filled with drugs, women, fast cars and careers down the drain. The ST. PETE TIMES fills us with glee today as we’re told the tale of how former Tampa linebacker Keith McCants is now a degenerate drug addict who was recently found with all the utensils of a user and abuser.

Then (left), 2 years ago (right) looking rough

“…a tip led police to an abandoned house where they found McCants, 39, with steel wool and a glass tube, the tools of a drug user,” reports the Times. Unable to get in touch with the subject for this story, the Times got a drug authority and friend of McCants to speak. Dexter Manley.

We learn some really cool information about McCants. He took $2.5 million of his signing bonus in cash. He was a terrible pass rusher, according to Manley. McCants got Manley back into coke when the two became Tampa teammates. McCants was drafted by the Bucs because then coach Ray Perkins liked that he came from east of the Mississippi.

Dexter would be an insanely rich man if he didn’t blow it

A curious nugget from the story was that Dexter Manley says he ran through $15 million on drugs. We know the Dexter story, but how the hell does someone go through that much money on blow? That is a true achievement.

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