50 Greatest Spring Break Bikini Photos We Could Find


Spring Break Lesson # 1: Never get in chug battle with veteran fat chick

You can never be too prepared. Many college students are getting ready to jet off to a sunny Spring Break beach town have no idea what they are in for. That is where Busted Coverage steps in. We have a duty to prepare American males for the experience they are about to walk into. It’s in our blog charter.

So without further stupid commentary or debate, here are the 50 Greatest Spring Break Bikini Photos We Could Find.

[Many of the great photos seen here courtesy of Roger B.]

Ladies lounge at Havasu, wondering if they’ll pass ECON 280

Kelly’s Spring Break Specialty: Fresh Squeezed Fuzzy Navel’s

Lesson #2: When the chick asks you to apply lotion, do as she says

Lesson #3: Keep your eyes open for chicks touching each other

The hotel pool will be like a Mardi Gras parade of hot chicks

Never boo a bikini contest chick, you’ll hurt her feelings

No more advice, lets get down to the photos

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