Daily Dump: Jason Kidd’s New Tag Partner, Hooters China A Go, Alena Seredova Is Hot And Very Sexy Bra



Jason Kidd risked child support payments for this

Cruising the Internet to find 10 items to waste part of your day while your girlfriend/wife prepares to drag your ass to Macy’s for 40% off sales. Sucker! BC will be catching future OSU baller and possible Mr. Ohio, William Buford, before he heads to Cbus and tickets set us back $40 for a shit seat and expensive beers.

Today’s Dump:

Sasha Singleton’s breasts are mesmerizing [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Angelina Jolie thinks penis shaped gum is funny [Holy Taco]

This is what Jason Kidd is tagging [on205th]

Hooters China will serve up T&A during Olympics [Sports By Brooks]

Spring Break is for memories, not STDs [COED]

Daily Smokeshow: Nikki [Barstool Sports]

Remember when Elle MacPherson was young and hot? [Drunken Stepfather]

“Very Sexy Bra Too Racy,” You be the judge [Bitten and Bound]

Alena Seredova makes these bikinis look very good [Bright Black Internet]

Horseballs reups with Shitstains, Quinn prepares to sit [ESPN]

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