One Of America's Hottest Late-Night Meat Slingers


You’ve hammered double shots, at least 12 beers, a Long Island and nearly puked on some blond out of your league. A bouncer has threatened to flatten your face and its time to go home. The next logical move is to hit up the meat market strategically positioned outside the front door of the club. Except this one is manned by a chick with huge implants and she’s ready to slap around some beef.

Meet One Of America’s Hottest Late-Night Meat Slingers! She might be a butterface but at this point you’d sleep with much worse. Your eyes meet her flotation devices and there’s instant lust. Her sweaty palms move to the meat. She gives you small talk as her hands apply the wet sauce. Your final memory is her extending a hand with the final meal of the night. You go home and dream of d-cups and making it rain on the meat cart chick.

[More Smokin Joe’s Meat Wagon Photos]

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