Terrelle Pryor Poses With Grown Man And Baby, Hype Machine Working Magic


Why would grown men fawn over Terrelle Pryor like he’s a rare cut of fillet mignon? The guy is literally mentioned like a hot playboy model in at least a half-dozen newspapers in a 3-state radius. The battle for Pryor’s services is like Ohio and Michigan fighting over a piece of smelly swamp land called Toledo.

The Detroit Free Press has gone so far as to have a Pryor “What we know so far,” story that details the latest on a kid in high school.

The most disturbing trend seems to be how males in their late 30s with a receding hairline and babies in their laps are literally throwing themselves at Pryor. It tells BC one thing. The wife doesn’t give it up anymore and football has become more important than banging your bride.

Let this be a lesson. Once they taste the wedding cake, it’s all over. Avoid being OSU guy.