Daily Dump: Coco Shows Off Taco, Paris Hilton’s Latest Loser, Big Brother 9 Chick Tells All And Jaime Kotsay The Perfect Wife


That pattern is hot

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Today’s Dump:

Blogger states the obvious, Darren McFadden pretty damn good [Rumors and Rants]

5 things as badass as Bruce Pearl [Losers With Socks]

Canadian media chime in on huge burger story [Cuzoogle]

Kentucky tells ESPN “no” to Monday Night Football [The Meaningful Collateral]

2008 MLB slogans rewritten [Sports Media Journal]

Jaime Kotsay the perfect wife [Sports By Brooks]

Silva vs. Henderson on the horizon [Cage Potato]

Foot to the head is going to hurt in the morning [Tasty Booze]

A site where you can tell drunken tales [Brahsome]

Today’s Tail: 

Coco Taco minus the Ice-T [on205th.com]

Paris Hilton, moron, dating moron [Drunken Stepfather]

Big Brother 9 chick talks about her many talents [dlisted]

Professor of Poon has major news of SEC pooner gone big time [Poon of the SEC]

A chick who’s one-night stand would be Shakira [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Denise Milani showing off the big ones [Holy Taco]

UK chicks on cover of Loaded [COED]

This is going on Facebook [Bright Black Internet]