Alexia Roy Wants To Be Miss Playboy Mobile 2008, Urges You To Vote

Alexia Roy (right) needs your support to be Miss Playboy Mobile 

We’ve said it before. America is the land where dreams come true. This great country gave us LSD, the Cubs and Hugh Hefner, each known for providing us with unforgettable memories.

Today we focus on the genius that is The Hef™ and his new venture into finding a Miss Playboy Mobile 2008. What a great way for young girls to strive for their own greatness.  20-something ladies see the chance of being plastered on horny rednecks cell phones as a career advancement. We applaud their ambition.

Alexia Roy is just one of numerous ladies aspiring to be Miss Mobile. She’s typical Playboy material. Ample boobs? Check. Parties? Uh, yeah. Tats? That’s why Photoshop was invented. College? Not with this rack.  Hero? Barbie. Sexual Status? Swinger.

Round one voting has already started. You have until March 15 to vote Alexia into the second round. Damn, this feels like the all over again. Maybe Playboy should have bracketed these chicks and seeded them on how many celebs they’ve slept with. That’s only logical.

[Alexia Roy MySpace]