Top 10 Sports Fans Arrested For Being Dumb, Drunk And Disorderly


The only cops we want smacking us around. “Yes, ladies, we’ve been bad!”

After writing the piece on the , we began thinking.“Hmm, we’ve never seen a compilation of the best (sports related) arrest photos the Web has to offer.”

So we grabbed a beer, turned the tube to Cops and began the search. Without further hype or stupid commentary, here is our list of the Top 10 Sports Fans Arrested For Being Dumb, Drunk and Disorderly.

#10. Crazy Euro-Trash Soccer Fan: Police close in as Konrad prepares to hurt someone with a plastic chair. Eat it England!

#9. Illegal Immigrant Dodgers Fan: Quite possibly the only time in baseball history a fan is arrested wearing a Rafael Furcal jersey. Doesn’t mind getting sent to jail. Free burritos and Sprite courtesy of loony liberals.

#8. The Santa Drunk: The fat, jolly man slips in at 8 due to his ability to stand wearing a Santa suit at a Hawaii football game. That sweaty mess must have smelled like Charlie Weis’ ass after August two-a-days.

#7. Cheering For Wrong Team Guy: This Texan learns lesson #1. Never wear your team’s shirt into the Dog Pound. Clevelanders would love nothing more than to kick your ass.

#6. NCAA Sub-Division Streaker: It takes Big Sky balls to let it all hang out at a NCAA football game played in Montana. You’re likely risking shrinkage and being on Facebook before posting bail. Think before you streak.

#5. Pre-Game Arrested Guy: There is little more embarrassing than not even making it into the stadium before being cuffed. Just ask Mets fan outside Turner Field before an East Division showdown with the Braves. These guys waste the opportunity of getting tanked and then streaking during a John Smoltz windup.

#4. Euro-Hottie Soccer Fan: “Look miss, we just need to take you in for some questioning.” We’re actually not sure if she was arrested (not likely) but this post had way too many dudes being cuffed.

#3. The Guy Who’s Had Way Too Many: This level of drunkenness has its own name: F@cked up! How else do you describe the guy who scales a football goal post in the middle of a Middle Tennessee State football game in which the good team wins 44-0. Sorry for the blurry photo. The photographer was most likely drunk.


#2. Snow Angel Indians Fan: The guy who will go down in Cleveland sports history. Snow Angel Hero managed to get into the outfield and go to town on the grass during the opening day snowstorm.


#1. Twinkie Fan Safe At Home: This was a really tough call. Our initial reaction to Twins fan was extreme laughter. Just look at how impressed the fans are with this drunken hero. The guy ran the bases and finished with a Charlie Hustle into home. If we ever met this guy he’d receive multiple shots and tickets to a Twins game.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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