Texan Female Teachers Brawl At Kids Basketball Game


Saturday was parental brawling day at a kids basketball game, reports the Tyler (Texas) Morning Telegraph. And it involved two female teachers, albeit one was a substitute. A full-time first grade teacher, Jeannette Hughes, has an arrest warrant after landing several blows to her opponent.

“She was punching the other woman in front of everyone including her own kids,” said one woman who did not want to be identified. “She hit me so many times in the head,” said the woman, who substitutes at the school.

Please, ladies, take it to the roller derby court

School officials are looking into this matter.  “I can’t imagine any justification for it and as a professional you have to be above that type of behavior,” a school official said.

Well, let us tell you, when these little kids go dribble drive and fail to dish off to the trailer filling the lane, parents are going to get pissed. BC imagines Ms. Hughes was just responding to such nonsense and blew up.  We actually encourage this behavior. Kids need to learn to play basketball correctly. By the way, anyone know of video from this incident. We’re interestd.

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