Daily Dump: Sexy Rexy Back, Pot University, Gay Roommate And How To Argue Like A Girl



That’s an interesting pose. 

Your daily waste of time trip around the world of sports. And tail, TOO! Have a link the masses need to see? We drop the dump every day by 9 a.m. Please have your link in by 7 a.m. at the latest. Tell your friends, enemies, mother, girlfriend and mailman. All we ask is to add us to your blog roll or drop a link for us here and there.

Today’s Dump:

University teaches you how to grow pot [Tasty Booze]

Floyd Mayweather gets serious coin for Wrestlemania [Sports By Brooks]

20 greatest show intros of all time [on205th.com]

The professor has a new favorite rapper [MacGsWorld]

Sexy Rexy is back in Chicago, drinks for everyone [Rumors and Rants]

Steven A. eats Doodles [Brahsome]

Blogger enjoys Tennessee win over Memphis [Losers With Socks]

Pretty boys taking a punch [Cage Potato]

10 reasons Bonds would jump ship to Japanese league [Epic Carnival]

Why it would be funnier if Bonds ended up in Tampa [I’m Writing Sports]

Gay rooommate from hell [Blog of Hilarity]

Chris Bosh as Michael Jackson, not sure if that is compliment [Cuzoogle]

Today’s Tail:

Yet another chick you have no shot at [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

We’re all for this drink if it helps land women [COED]

She’s an exotic foreigner in a bikini [Bright Black Internet]

This could help you down the road “How to argue like a girl” [Holy Taco]

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