Busting Qatar Maria Sharapova Skimpy Tennis Outfit Myth


Sharapova during early rounds of 2008 Qatar Open 

We’ve noticed quite a few bloggers, led by Sports By Brooks and With Leather, linking into the AOL FanHouse post by Michael David Smith detailing the outfit worn in the Qatar Open Championship.

Smith makes mention that Sharapova is wearing Tights under her skirt that go below the knee and sleeves that go past the elbow, in accordance with the wishes of the host country.”

Not true, brother. She didn’t have to wear the long pants and we have photos to prove it. Take a look at what Maria was wearing earlier in the tourney. From shots we’ve seen, it appears the championship was played on a chilly night. The crowd is wearing coats and long sleeve clothing.

Sorry to ruin all the fun, fellas.

Ana Invanovic in her non-Islamic outfit 

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