NFL Combine Breaking News! John David Booty Has Small Hands

The media is dropping huge nuggets of knowledge from the NFL Combine. Leading the way is the San Francisco Chronicle by reporting that John David Booty has similar hand size to the way overrated Alex Smith – small. And seeing as how Smith has been fairly bad, Booty could be in trouble.

“Booty’s hand size was measured at size 8 – that’s a medium for most men and extremely small for an NFL quarterback,” says Chronicle reporter Nancy Gay.

This tragic news could not only drop Booty on the draft board but also on the dating circuit. In a Yahoo! Answers chat, some ladies say hand size is ultra important. “If everything is relatively proportional, than it’s fine,” says one woman.

Meanwhile, we also read that Cal wide receiver DeSean Jackson weighed in at a whopping 169 pounds. That is like putting two Jacksons into the frame of Ted Washington. Very scary stuff.

It’s time to eat a cheeseburger, homeslice.