Mike Piazza's New Miami House Not Shabby

The Hartford Courant goes sleeping with the stars and reports free agent Mike Piazza is now enjoying his new $10 million spread with 100 feet of ocean frontage.

Piazza gets to bask in the high life with his 1995 Playboy Playmate wife Alicia Rickter in a house that “features a two-story living room with a marble fireplace and a cypress-wood-beamed ceiling, an elevator, a pool, fountains and a three-car garage,” the rag reports.

Virtual Globetrotting has the satellite images of the Piazza homestead, which is his second in the Miami area. If Mike can’t find a team to play for this season, at least he’ll be able to enjoy his state-of-the-art kitchen and “eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms in its 9,600-plus square feet.”