Gays Pumped For Wall-To-Wall NFL Combine Coverage


Out Sports Blog has the homoerotic details of how gay sports fans will be spending the weekend – watching the NFL Combine. The boys are still in a frenzy over the Brady Quinn workout last year and will be tuned in to see skin and Under Armour skivvies.

“The next four days, if you want to look at hot, young, athletic men in skimpy clothes grunting and straining, put down the latest Falcon video and set your DVR to the NFL Network,” says Out Sports.

Call me old fashioned but what happened to just running a 40, grabbing a beer and kicking some ass. Those were the days. Now we have guys analyzing ass cheeks, acne scars and the bulging calves of super-human androids.

At least all this makes the gays happy. We’ll be drinking somewhere and wondering whatever happened to Tony Mandrich.

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