Jenna Jameson Boobs Even Bigger In Comic Book Form


These demons are f@cking with the wrong porn star

We received correspondence today from some way overly talented artist. The email said something about judging the work he’s been doing on the new Jenna Jameson comic book, Shadow Hunter, which made it’s world debut today.

Jimmy Chairman, of Iced Media was nice enough to send along two super drawings of Ms. Jameson. We have a hard enough time drawing stick figures so seeing Jenna’s boobs in comic format was jaw dropping.

What a great job to have. You go to work, draw a porn star with huge boobs, have lunch, go back to work, draw more boobs, go home and research Jenna’s boobs while watching Where The Boys Aren’t 38.

The premise of the book is simple.

She battles demons who are coming to Earth, reports Chairman.

An early look at the comic reveals Jenna will crush said demons with her secret weapon, the boob sandwich and a power rod.

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