Goalie Pads Not Needed, Dmitri Young & Holly Mangold Totally Impressed


We’re stepping out of our comfort zone on this one. Big Gay Rich chuckled on the phone when he told me about finding this hockey chick.

Something about she should be the goalie because with the pads it would be impossible to score. That’s exactly what Red Wings GM Ken Holland has been griping about lately. Not fat chicks who could play goalie but NHLers with enough padding to stop a Mack truck.

“Everybody’s tired of this conversation, but either the goalies get smaller or we look at serious alternatives, and that’s bigger nets, something nobody really wants to get into,” said former NHL goalie Ken Holland, now the Detroit Red Wings general manager, in a loose threat.

In other news, Dmitri Young and Holly Mangold chow down in preparation for future NHL career.

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