"Beauty And The Geek 5" Will Feature Playboy Playmate Jillian Beyor

The Geeks must break the heart of Jillian Beyor

One of our all-time favorite shows will turn it up a notch for its 5th season. Beauty and the Geek 5 will feature at least one Playboy Playmate and several other women you’ll never even say hello to without paying money and standing in line for an autograph.
This year’s early favorite to be the top hottie is none other than Playboy’s Jillian Beyor, a top-notch product of New Hampshire. Ms. Beyor will compete with 8 other chicks to defeat the evil powers of the geeks. We figure Jillian will use her rural upbringing to win the mud wrestling, apple bobbing and body painting competitions.
(Pics after the jump!)
In a huge change from previous formatting,

…the men and women won’t be paired this time, but set to compete in two teams. No, not shirt vs. skins (which has tantalizing possibilities) but beauties vs. geeks.

We care very little about the actual show. Just throwing 9 hot ladies in a house is enough for us. We’d watch them wash dishes or iron laundry.
See more of Jillian and the rest of the ladies beginning March 11.
[Jillian Beyor MySpace]
[Jillian in the buff] (NSFW)

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