Danny Schayes Still A Douche, Hangs At NBA All Star Game


Danny Schayes: Dope Jew white-boy straight out of the 80’s.

NBA super fan, Andrew, had a dream come true over all-star weekend. He was able to rub bellies with some of the biggest names of the Association. But the dream boat that warrants top billing for this post is former Syracuse big man Danny Schayes who, for some reason, was trolling New Orleans with an unbuttoned shirt and dangling necklace.

Did you know Schayes managed an 18-year NBA career with that body? Now that is amazing.

Andrew also managed to chase down Bill Walton within sight of a New Orleans liquor store. Somehow got close to Paul Allen, and harrassed Alonzo Mourning about his Georgetown clothing.

What a weekend! Andrew had his picture taken with over $1 billion worth of humans. Kudos.

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