College Ladies Busy Preparing To Fit Into Spring Break Bikini


At the University of Wisconsin, the collegiate ladies are already into their 8-week bootcamp to lose that winter beer belly in preparation for March’s spring break.

The Badger Herald tells us about Studio Melt’s Bikini Boot Camp, where women can expect to get fit or they’ll receive a bikini discount.

“There’s this one machine that is still difficult and I still can’t do it,” UW sophomore Casey Gilbert said. “You lay on your back and use these — it’s really weird to describe — bungee cord things to pull your body up evenly with your arms. I did my first one today, so I feel pretty good about that.”

The classes will run you $200 but when you land your first dude on the first night of Spring Break, you’ll be thankful.

Two weeks ago, the assignment was drinking as much water as possible, and last week’s was eating five meals a day. This week’s challenge is to not drink alcohol until spring break.

“Well, that’s the challenge; they don’t have to do it,” (the instructor) said.

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