BC's Tyrese Rice, Unintentionally, Goes Kimbo Slice On Duke Photographer's Face


At least Ben McKeown has a cool story to tell about the scar above his right eye. That’s his reward for sitting under the basket at the recent Duke-Boston College game where he was unintentionally knocked silly by BC guard Tyrese Rice. McKeown, a local photographer, was shooting for a local outlet when his moment of fame resulted in a hospital visit and stitches.

The moment, recreated on McKeown’s blog, Organic Exposure.

Being the dedicated and diligent photojournalist that I claim to be, I was focusing very hard on framing a quick photo of the ever-exciting Cameron Crazies, who were sitting in their section to my left. Unbeknownst to me, some very intense basketball was being played out to my right (my blind side). Suddenly, with no warning, I heard a shriek from the nice young female photographer to my right and almost simultaneously felt a huge thump on my forehead.

McKeown captured this lovely moment 

That thump would be Rice blindsiding the photographer.

I felt fine, save a bit of a sore head. I was completely ready to finish photographing the game when I realized that I was bleeding rather profusely from just above my right eye.

Dude, this is Duke basketball, blood is just an excuse.

After a few moments meeting with the paramedics, it was decided that I should head over to Duke Hospital’s emergency room to get stitched up. I was bandaged and told to head go ahead and get to the hospital. There were about 4 minutes left in the first half of what was a very exciting game, so after weighing my options, I made a decision to stay and shoot the rest of the half before heading to the hospital.

Now that is a trooper. Being paid peanuts, McKeown decides a war wound will not put him out of action.

There are few careers that offer this kind of potential for original experience. Sure, lots of people have been to Duke’s emergency room to get stitches, but only a select few can say that they’ve been seriously injured on the floor of Cameron Indoor Stadium during a men’s basketball game.

* Note to self. Buy this guy a beer if you ever run into him in Durham, North Carolina.

[Ben McKeown’s Duke Photos]

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