Ice T and Coco: Our Favorite B-List Power Couple


Ever since party, BC has been hooked on the strange life of the cop hater and his chick with a couple of basketball’s for ass cheeks.

This is the perfect B-List power couple. They don’t mind sharing details of their sex life and Coco even goes as far as telling the world how she’s “loves doggy style.” We learned long ago that women deserve what they ask for. Who are we to argue? Women provide the little things in life so it’s a man’s duty to give back to the female species.

A reality series waiting to happen, the couple recently sat down to share life’s dirty secrets with Playboy (via People).

On what Ice really likes her to wear:

“He loves heels — it’s gotta be some freak heels. I wear them in bed all the time. I actually keep a pair of shoes next to the bed, just in case I don’t have them on and we start gettin’ busy…I can throw them on.

What’s his favorite sexual position?

Coco: The same thing; he likes the view. The top of my butt — it’s like a muscle with a layer of fat — I call it my butt cleavage. He loves that.

Where’s the most unusual place you guys have ever had sex?

Coco: We’ll do it in club bathrooms, and there’s usually bodyguards around — we’re doing a lot of appearances at clubs, so ya know. They’ll be waiting for us to go back to the table, and we’re like, “Oh, let’s have a quickie!”

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