Daily Dump: Ashley Judd Wet, Barkley’s Run For Office, Brett Myers Tricks And Airport Cop Pinup



We can only hope Ashley gets soaked in today’s winner’s circle

Welcome to the Weekend Dump. BC strives to make this quick, harmless and hopefully humorous. If you’re a blogger, get your links in before 8 a.m. and we’ll pimp your work here at the blog that continues to give back to the community.

Today’s Dump:

Barkley will run for office [Deadspin]

How many NASCAR fans will slice their wrists if Toyota wins today? [Washington Post]

Ashley Judd’s jugs will be huge attraction at Daytona 500 [AJC]
Brett Myers is the new Ashton Kootcher [Bugs and Cranks]

Roscoe Parrish gets himself a DUI [Miami Herald]

Look what I found: A briefcase with $140,000 [St. Pete Times]
Kimbo Slice drops Tank Abbott [on205th.com]
Man doesn’t like bar patrons, hits them with bear spray [Seattle PI]
Allure of nightclubs can be strong for athletes [KC Star]

From night-shift airport cop to pinup girl [LA Times]

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