Congrats, Newman, On The Daytona 500 Win And Hot Wife


At least he had a hot wife to nurse him back to good health

Yee Haw, Toyota didn’t win the Daytona 500. Just another week for NASCAR fans to be thankful the Japs haven’t stolen one of America’s last symbols of freedom.

Ryan Newman is your big winner, pocketing $1.5 mill minus his gas, taxes, tag and title. He’ll leave Florida with just over $100,000 and a bottle of Gatorade and a brand new Alltel cell phone.

He also leaves the Sunshine State with his beautiful wife, Krissie.

You didn’t think we’d actually talk about car racing? BC is all about showcasing the hot wife Newman landed only because he drives a car. That makes us wonder if we marketed ourselves correctly, how much talent could a sports blogger attract?

[Ryan Newman Foundation]

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