Top Ten Rednecks You'll See At Daytona 500

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Welcome to Super Bowl Weekend for rednecks. A time to reveal the mullet they’ve been growing all winter. A chance to try out the new 30-pack cooler on wheels reminiscent of a business traveler maneuvering through a crowded O’Hare Airport. A moment in time when beer bellies and wicked sunburns come together for a joyous drunk-fest on the beaches of the Atlantic.
If you live in a 50-mile radius of Daytona, good luck landing a case of Bud or a pack of Marlboro. The invasion of rednecks is well underway in Fla. and we’re here today to chronicle the Top 10 Rednecks You Might See At The Daytona 500.
So sit back, , a Slim Jim and enjoy the list after the jump.

Jeff Gordon fans are the greatest

Dentist visits are quicker than a NASCAR pit stop


Mullet. Check. Really fat wife. Check.


Is that a fanny pack I see?


Ready for combat. No import beer-drinkin’ pussies allowed.


A man with priorities.


NASCAR brings the whole family together.


NASCAR fans know a few variations of sign language


A game for the whole family. Spot the NASCAR redneck.


And finally….you’re likely to see this guy just before being cuffed.




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