Busted Coverage Searches For Future Erin Andrews


We’re always on the lookout for the future of sports. That is why our search today led us to the current crop of Florida Gator cheerleaders and Dazzlers. It’s our goal to find a future version of Erin Andrews because, let’s face it, her 15 minutes are up.

How many more shots of Erin’s long legs and tight ass can you take? How can Erin take it to the next level after roaming the sidelines in this outfit? A sideline reporter’s career is shorter than a NFL offensive lineman. ESPN must prepare for a future without the Goddess of the Sideline.

So we located these shots from this week’s Florida-LSU basketball game and got a better look at Florida women who could one day take the place of Ms. Andrews. And there is no better school to start than her alma mater.

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