New Jersey Grandma Says She’s Not Guilty Of Renting "All Male Solos" and "Stag Naked Naughty"


We feel extremely sorry for a New Jersey grandmother who is on the hook for a $500 cable bill after several porn flicks somehow ended up on her monthly charges. She maintains this is a huge misunderstanding. Comcast says those movies were rented from her residence. And the bill is piling up.

(Nancy) Tierney, of North Cape May, was shocked back in November when she got a cable bill charging her for renting adult films. The itemized list included such risque titles as “Blind Hotties,” “Stag Naked Naughty,” “Nude Real TV Girls,” “All Male Solos” and the Playboy Channel.

“It says dirty movies were going on every hour on the hour,” Tierney said. “I got hysterical. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Why would I want to watch dirty movies?”

Grandma Tierney does have a 15-year-old grandson who visits. We’re guessing little Bobby figured out a way to get those vids and is going all Roger Clemens on grandma. Late night, grandma goes to bed. Bobby’s going through puberty. “Blind Hotties” has a midnight showing. The rest is history.

On a sidenote, what is “All Male Solos” doing on Comcast pay-per-view?

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