Ampex2000 Finished Posting Chris Berman YouTube Videos


I got an email this morning while sleeping off another birthday down the drain. Sports TV Inside Out had an urgent message. “Ampex2000 is finished!” or something like that.

Here’s the story: Ampex2000 has run out of Berman videos. That’s it, fellas. It’s been a helluva run. What started as a single video posted by “winnahwinnah” has turned into a dream come true for the blogging community.

And it seems we started a movement to see what information a blogger could get out of the mysterious Ampex. When we got many people doubting the legitimacy of the Q&A. Hopefully this episode will show that BC might fool around here and there but we CAN be serious.

Our favorite question from the latest Ampex interview:

Sports TV Inside Out: You must be enjoying the attention the clips have received. Is there any particular comment (on line or otherwise) that stands out?

Ampex2000: Yes. There were many very, very funny comments. Some folks were totally off base. The best one that made me really laugh was (I’m paraphrasing) “Keep the videos coming you are doing the Lord’s work.) There are some amazing people out there with a great sense of humor who get it. The ones who take it so serious just don’t get it.

ESPN Okay With Berman YouTubes [Awful Announcing]

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