Checking In With Our Favorite Soccer Mom, Playboy Model Beth Fithen


She’s 29 and has popped 4 kids out of this tight body

We continue our Valentine’s Week coverage with a check-up with our favorite soccer mom, Playboy model Beth Fithen. You can find her on newsstands right now in the latest issue of Playboy’s Hot Housewives.

Mrs. Fithen somehow found the time to talk with the Columbus Dispatch and shared some advice that will come in handy for all you moronic men out there who don’t know what makes a Playboy chick happy.

Favorite Fashion: Sleepware

“T-shirt and shorts.”

BC Take: Don’t waste money on lingerie, fellas. Just give your chick an old Budweiser shirt and a pair of Champion shorts.

Quick Hitter: Stubble or Shaven


BC Take: Oh, she means on a guy. We get it. Damn, that was confusing for a minute.

Quick Hitter: Morning or Night


BC Take: Can’t agree more. Nothing gets in the way of a football or basketball game. Not even sex.

Your Perfect Saturday Night

“Sit at home and light the fireplace. Cook a good dinner, have a couple of glasses of wine and relax.”

BC Take: Looks like this audience will have to give up quarter draft night at Moe’s to ever land a Playboy caliber woman.

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