Cat Trains For Valentine's Day Kissing Contest

We’ve heard of dogs licking milk off an owners lips, not cats

The kooks are officially out in full force for the Valentine’s Day season. Kissing contests are taking place and the hottest one we can find is the animal version in Carbondale, Illinois.

Cats, dogs and even ferrets took part in a smooch fest this weekend, reports the AP.

Callie the cat wasn’t concentrating on her attire, because for her, the day was all business.

“She’s been training for the kissing contest,” Callie’s trainer Nathan Stearns of Anna said. “I put milk on my lips at first to get her to kiss me but now she just does it.”

Nathan is guaranteed to get all the ladies after they hear about this erotic kissing lesson.

Alabama dog owners let them lick away for contest [Gadsden Times]

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