The Differences Between Chuck Liddell and Will Leitch Book Tours



Boy, it must be tough selling sports books this time of year. Christmas is over. Valentine’s Day is more about hot lingerie and Nicolas Sparks than Chuck Liddell and Will Leitch.

But that is exactly the predicament these two publishing bad boys face as they plug away on book tours across this great country. Like Hillary and Obama, they shake hands, hug the ugly chicks, smile like they mean it and wonder when it’ll all end.

Chuck has been promoting his book, “Iceman: My Fighting Life,” while sports blogging legend Leitch has been pimping “God Save The Fan.”

That’s where the similarities stop.

Top Differences Between Iceman and Leitch book tours:

  1. Iceman book buyers are fat chicks with bleached blond bangs. Meanwhle, Leitch gets intellectual Brooklyn-esque book snobs looking for a good read to curl up with while listening to Death Cab For Cutie vinyl.
  2. Chuck gets requests to choke out his book buying public. Leitch buyers want to run their fingers through his luscious mane.
  3. After his book reading, Will has a couple of beers and heads back to the hotel to blog. Liddell returns to his room and, um, does cardio training with a 28-year-old waitress from the local bar.
  4. When this tour gig ends Chuck will return to pounding on opponents heads. Leitch will go home and pound on a keyboard.

Book Tour Winner: Iceman. How can we go against the guy who could end the Busted Coverage era with a severely broken arm? Sorry Will. Please don’t stop linking to us.

[Leitch Tour Dates] [Iceman Tour Dates]

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