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Daily Dump: Matt Walsh Living Good Life, Jeff Blake Spotting, Dan Snyder Hires and Chicago Cubs Ballgirl



How the hell does Bruce Willis land such top-shelf talent? 

Welcome to the Weekend Daily Dump. We try to make this as quick as possible so your whipped ass has time to go shopping with the wife/girlfriend.
Today’s Dump:

From the video vault, Chicago Cubs ballgirl circa 1984 with comments from Harry Caray [CBS2]

Upset: Dan Snyder Decides To Hire A Head Coach [Sports By Brooks]

Cop and high school football coach allegedly had sexual relationship with same 17-year-old [Modesto Bee]

Former Pats assistant Matt Walsh living the good life [Some TV Station]

Oksana Lysenko Has Got that Russian MTV Thing [Hottest Girls on Facebook]

The latest from Vegas: Siegfried and Roy to return, Jeff Blake parties [RVJ Norm]

Mushnick gets sappy about retirement of Post associate editor [NY Post]

Reporter would stimulate economy by leaving huge tips at Hooters [Chicago Tribune]

Honolulu Steamer [Brahsome]

Bruce Willis Is A God Among Men [Tasty Booze]

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