Chris Berman YouTube Video Poster Talks To Busted Coverage


The latest video. Berman schmoozes staff to land a table for friends

The past 2 weeks have brought us several Chris Berman videos that have set the blogosphere on fire. By now you know the videos. Berman goes crazy. Berman talks wine. Berman yells at staff. In all, there are 5 videos from the set of Monday Night Football in 2000.Our curiosity with the videos led to an Internet conversation with Ampex2000, a YouTube poster who has uploaded 4 of the 5 Berman videos.
1. Can we expect more Berman-related videos?

I think I have maybe 2 more

2. Has ESPN threatened you for posting the videos?


3. Have you been holding the Berman vids since 2000? If so, why?

I saw the one that someone released that was a huge hit. I thought I was given the only copy years ago. At that point I said what the heck let’s see how many hits can we get with the other ones. After all few see what some of these announcers are like and this is a perfect representation of what Chris is really like!

4. Any other ESPN on-air talent that we should be aware of acting like this on the set?

None that I know of. He really is the worse.

5. The vids were dropped right before the Super Bowl. Coincidence?

I think the first release probably was from someone going through old tapes and realized they had a GEM. I just think it was either accidental timming (sic) or Chris pissed someone off.

6. What is your opinion of Berman?

I use to be in broadcasting and in all my years there have been a few who were similar. However, I think Chris is probably in the top 3 as being the biggest pain to work with.


Ampex2000 has answered follow-ups to the original Q&A. There have been some questions about the validity of the conversation between BC and Ampex2000. Here is the screenshot of the following message.

1.You say Chris is in the Top 3 biggest pains to work with in the industry. Who are the other two on that list?

I’d rather not say as that would narrow it down to who I might be. Sorry.

2.Do you still have a working relationship with the broadcasting industry?

Yes I do, However I’m not involved as much now with field remotes as I once was as I have a different job position now.

3.Berman is famous for being a ladies man. Any stories we should be aware of that would give us more understanding of Berman’s prowess?

No, sorry on that also. I did observe on a few occasions that he would try to make a subtle passes at women, like the one posted about how the “WINE maven makes a pass.” But I know if he did not have his high profile job he would have NO shot at all at any women. He doesn’t show up early or on time for rehearsals and gets very testy. It really make you sick to watch him at work as some announcers or very promt (sic) and very polite. He actually spends more time trying to hit on women then he spends rehearsing for air.

*Update #2*

1. You say you’re involved with the broadcasting industry? Sports?

Rather not say.

2. We’ve heard what you thought of working with Berman. Did your coworkers feel the same way about him?

Yes they did. Everyone kind of goes with it. But we all know who the real pricks are. Those who are nice everybody goes out of their way for.

3. From the videos we see a single night of Berman. Are we to believe this was a common theme with Berman while you were around the situation.

There were 2 nights I believe. Maybe on the video you watched it was just one night. I never noticed much of a difference at other times. I was given this tape as I was not there for those broadcasts. However he usually was sarcastic and not someone you preferred to work with as there are so many really nice announcers out there.

Chris Berman Knows His Wines, Works On Piece Of Tail
Chris Berman Knows His Wines, Works On Piece Of Tail
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