Chris Berman Explains How To Smuggle 222's Into United States


These Berman videos just keep getting better. Tonight, Chris explains how to smuggle codeine laced pills from Canada to the United States. Why do we get the feeling these videos are digging Berman a bigger hole by the day?

From an immigration bulletin board:

Frank says…222’s are illegal in the US. BUT the border will allow you to bring across 50 pills when you cross the border. That is the maximum. If you are caught bringing across more they will confiscate them. The result? They will contact local law inforcement and a report will be filed. What that means? I don’t know. A fine and possibly jail time?

But again, that’s for bringing them across with you. For sending via mail I don’t know. I’d hesitate a guess of nothing happening. The recipient (who its illegal for) wasn’t ordering them. And its not illegal for you.

The Berman Goes F@cking Ballistic Files [Busted Coverage]

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