2007 Busted Coverage Sports Blog Of The Year Written By Ringers


We were duped all along. Our by experts. Ringers. Guys who get paid to write instead of losers who work out of darkened, bleak dungeons. Fire Joe Morgan has revealed itself to the blogging nation.

FJM writer Ken Tremendous is actually Michael Schur, the brilliant mind behind several episodes of The Office. FJM is the brainchild of actual Hollywood writers.

Here is the grammatically correct 2007 victory speech from Tremendous.

“Due to what we assume is a clerical error, Fire Joe Morgan has won the inaugural Busted Coverage Sports Blog of the Year Tournament. We thank everyone who voted for us, and promise to continue setting new standards for both gratuitous swearing and terrible web design in 2008.”

Busted Coverage spent several years working in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area so this is a very special moment for us. Every time we see the Froggy 101 sticker, we cry.

What’s next in the sports blogging community? The Big Lead reveals its written by Scott Van Pelt?

[Q&A With Michael Schur]

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