Harvard Undergrad Loves Women, Starts Own T&A Rag


Being a Harvard undergrad with a titty rag gets you all the ladies

Would we look at pictures of Harvard chicks baring it all for an amateur rag called Diamonds? Absolutely. We waste half our morning thumbing through real pigs and undesirables on Flickr. It’s not everyday we’ll have the chance to check out future leaders of this country showing off the goods.

That’s why we salute you, Matt Di Pasquale (pictured). This Harvard undergrad plans to publish his very own Playboy-esque magazine and needs the educated Crimson ladies to step up.

Di Pasquale has been busier than Leitch on that book tour. Yesterday, the aspiring Hef talked to The Harvard Crimson.

Diamond’s content will range from interviews with models that would allow readers “to get to know them” to “applicable” articles about exercise and style, Di Pasquale said. The magazine will also contain various self-improvement articles with the primary goal of helping men attract women.

There will be stories? Um, maybe this mag isn’t for us afterall.

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