Daily Dump: Super Bowl Sunday



The Patriots have cheerleaders, the Giants dont, NE wins 34-17 

Welcome to the Weekend Dump, where you’ll find fewer links because who has time to wade through dozens of stories on their day off. We end this week with the entire collection of Will Leitch dispatches from Arizona. This series should tell you everything you need to know about a week in the desert.

Enjoy the game and don’t be stupid. 

Today’s Dump:

Ten Lessons Learned From Super Bowl Media Week [Will Leitch/The Sporting Blog]

In Which We Sadly Wish We Could Be In The 90’s [Will Leitch/The Sporting Blog]

Mission Impossible: Finding Cards Fans In Arizona [Will Leitch/The Sporting Blog]

Media Day: Ridiculously Pointless [Will Leitch/The Sporting Blog]

The Party Is In Glendale. You Are Not Invited. [Will Leitch/The Sporting Blog]

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