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Wyclef Jean Tells Super Bowl Party Fatties To Take A Seat


Wyclef is down with Petra Nemcova body types has party footage of Wyclef Jean at his 944 Village Super Bowl performance.

As chicks get up on stage Mr. Jean tells 200+ pounders to take a seat. And he even says please.

(More Super Bowl party news after the jump.)

In other Super Bowl party news, Fitty makes Paris Hilton cry. Matt Leinart continues his magical week with today’s Snoop Bowl. $3,000 will get you into tonight’s Playboy party. And, finally, here is what your $3k will get you.

ESPN held its SB party and we had a couple of issues from the red carpet.


Legler’s wife continues to impress



Who the hell dressed Mark Teixeira?

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