Daily Dump: Boston Tail, Giants DUI, Ram It!, Super Bowl Warning, Detroit Homies




We salute the ladies of Boston 

Welcome to the Daily Dump Weekend Edition. Consider it the Daily Dump Lite.Fewer links, but same great way to waste a few minutes of your day. Join us every Saturday and Sunday as we (try to depending on level of hangover) drop the Dump by Noon EST.

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Today’s Dump: 

Only one guy can save Fox Super Bowl broadcast – Marshawn Lynch [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Los Angeles Rams give us great 80s porn music [on205th.com]

Derek Anderson Horse Balls bowling shirts, anyone? [Firts and 10 Inches]

Patriots recored Rams practice before Super Bowl 35? [Sports by Brooks]

Giants’ player decides booze more important than game, DUI gets him ticket home [NY Daily News]

Man threatened by judge, “You drink a beer during Super Bowl, you’ll spend 2nd half in jail” [Record-Courier]

Philly says screw Super Bowl, bring on Wing Bowl [AP]

Detroit homies throwing BYOB Super Bowl stripper-fests better be ready for heat [Freep]

….and finally….we end the weekend dump with Boston hottie Mizz MQ [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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