Daily Dump: Sheriff Warns Celebs Of Vacancy, Matt Leinart Promotes, Super Bowl On The Cheap, Deadspin Party



Wow, that beach looks damn good right now compared to Midwest 

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Today’s Dump:

Super Bowl trip not very fun, light Deadspin party [With Leather]

Berman dropping ‘F Bombs’ on MNF set [Deadspin]

Maria Sharapova’s love life has gone to the dogs [Sports By Brooks]

Universal language of morning radio meatheads [Flotsam]

Blogger gets interview with Patriots #1 fan – Rice Girl [With Malice]

Deion and Jim Brown can suck it [Rumors and Rants]

Glendale weather looks decent compared to Midwest [Weather.com]

Do the Super Bowl on $20 per day [AP]

America’s Toughest Sheriff warns celebs of vacancy at county jail [Canadian Press]

Paris Hilton, like, hosts a Super Bowl party and other shit [NY Daily News]

Matt Leinart busy promoting everything but fatherhood [Boston Globe]

Snoop Bowl sponsored by Cutters [NME.com]

The Steel Reserve Challenge [Tasty Booze]

Bob Huggins needs hat and cane to complete pimp outfit [MacGsWorld]

NFL Pink Taco [Epic Carnival]

Today’s Tail:

MySpace amateur who works on bananas and other women [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

All hail the women of Argentina [Hottie Hunter]

Paris and Elisha like each other [Brahsome]

Nude models are on strike [COED]

Some dirty photos of Alena Seredova [Drunken Stepfather]

Jessica Simpson has no idea who’s playing in Super Bowl [on205th.com]

Victoria’s Secret model checking out the beach in bikini [Bright Black Internet]