Busted Coverage Fans Unite For Booze, Ladies And Football

Alright you freaks. January is finished. Over.
February is upon us. It’s time for the Super Bowl, conference basketball and pitchers/catchers.
The entire staff of Busted Coverage is encouraged by the BC Nation fan support. Just two months ago we faced down high-priced Big Ten lawyers who threatened us even though this site doesn’t earn enough money to pay their electric bill.
In the month of January we surpassed the 625K page view mark. Not too bad for a site that was left for dead in early December. We salute all of you who have stuck with us and continue to make Busted Coverage your daily destination.
Busted Coverage would not be possible without the support of the following friends:
SI On Campus / Extra Mustard
Hottest Girls of MySpace
CO-ED Magazine
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Gate 21
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Bright Black Internet
If we missed you, it was intentional. We don’t like you and don’t value your friendship. Please quit sending us links.
Kidding, of course. We couldn’t possibly thank everyone who has helped with the success of Busted Coverage. We’ll try to repay every one of you within due time.

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