Super Bowl Media Party Looks…Stupid

A mechanical bull for members of the Super Bowl media to ride? How cute.

Too bad the media members would rather ride Tom Brady’s face instead of some stupid bull. Plus, many of these media types have shitty health coverage. Combining Jack Daniels and a bull could cause serious harm to these pansies.

This is what $25-50 an hour will get you on the Super Bowl party circuit 

Scott Wong (the bullrider) of AZ Central has a full report from the sausage fest:

This year, the local host committee pulled out all the stops — and left no Southwest stereotype unturned.

At the 15-acre Corona Ranch in Laveen (with gracious hosts, the Corona family, left), there was a Mexican rodeo, cowgirls dancing on bar tops, whiskey tastings, a cigar tent, a quick-draw shooting challenge and mounds of pulled pork smothered in barbecue sauce.

Busted Coverage feels this party would have been much better if the media would have gotten hammered on Cuervo and had illegal alien calf-style roping. Now that would have been a party. We want Lupica chasing down Miguel and putting him in a hog knot.

“Release the illegals.”

Lupica, you’re up. 58-year-old Tijuana illegal, 9 o’clock.”

“Get ’em.”

[Deadspin Party Tonight!]

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