Super Bowl Media Day Promises To Be Waste Of Time


Today is the day ESPN has been dreaming about ever since Tom Brady was taped wearing a walking boot. It’s Super Bowl Media Day, when some Japanese correspondent will ask Brady how Bridget Moynahan and the baby are doing.

We can only assume the World Wide Leader will unleash its troops on University of Phoenix Stadium like Bush sending in the troops to Falluja.

Jeff Gordon of Fox Sports and STL Today has released his greatest media day moments.

And our favorite is,

1981: Jim Plunkett gets the “blind-deaf” question

Legally blind parents raised the Raiders quarterback. His personal story was well known, but that didn’t prevent a clumsy exchange during a media session.

Legend has it, the question came like this: “Lemme get this straight, Jim. Is it blind mother, deaf father or the other way around?”

We’d like to add another moment to Jeff’s list. How about when Rex Grossman called the media ignorant.

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