Gasparilla 2008 One Crazy F@cking Time; Boat Chase, MMA-Style Fight, Horse Gets Decked


Wow, what a year for the Gasparilla party raging boozefest in Tampa. We’ve heard of out-of-control parties but this one sets the bar.

The event is supposed to be a pirate-themed bash but tends to end up being a beer bong, tits and ass show. And the alcohol makes people do strange things.  One genius decided to lead Coast Guard police on a boat chase that included shots fired, a rammed law enforcement vessel and a 27-year-old moron in jail on felony charges.



Then we have this hottie slugging a horse in the neck. Police say the horse is fine.  The weekend arrest totals show 11 felonies and 96 misdemeanors earned.

Good job Tampa. Just think, you get the 2009 Super Bowl.

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