Giants Fan Spends $40,000 On Super Bowl Package


5 Patriots fans draw for 2 Super Bowl tickets 

Fathers don’t react like this when their children are born. The Super Bowl will do amazing things to rationale people.

Imagine having an extra $40,000 to waste on a Super Bowl travel package.

That’s exactly the sort of coin Giants fan Marc (last name omitted) has shelled out to take his sons to the Super Bowl.

(Marc) paid more than $40,000 for a package through RazorGator’s Prime Sports. It includes four tickets on the 50-yard line, hotel stays and pre- and post-game parties to take his three sons, who are 9, 11 and 14.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Marc now lives in Denver and works as a mutual fund manager. Within minutes of the Giants’ playoff win, he got online and started looking for the tickets.

“I see it as a once in a lifetime event, so the stars aligned and we’re off,” he said. “It’s not something I’m going to do on a regular basis.”

We about pulled a Dana Jacobson when reading this story. Jesus H. Hopefully Marc got stadium dogs and a beer per quarter thrown into this deal. Is it really that important to be there? It’ll be a 3 hour game, Giants fan will go home disappointed and wonder why he wasted $40,000 to see Eli Manning throw 3 picks.

BC hopes Marc’s marriage can withstand this disaster waiting to happen.

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