Dana Jacobson Back To Work In Time For Super Bowl Parties


F@ck Yeah! Dana is back to work today!

ESPN’s foul mouthed, vodka swilling Dana Jacobson is scheduled to return to work today after a week off for getting toasted at the Mike and Mike roast.

Top 5 Super Bowl Parties We’d Like To Meet Dana Jacobson At:

#5.) Maxim: Top shelf chicks, top shelf vodka.

#4.) Playboy: See #5. Add in top shelf celebs and endless Belvedere, mix and give Dana a mic.

#3.) Saint Bonaventure Catholic Community Church Super Bowl Party: Bring a covered dish. Dana will bring the jello shots.

#2.) South Bend’s Rum Runners Dueling Piano Bar: Dana’s dream come true. South Bend, open mic, a bar named after liqour and a raging party.

#1.) Deadspin’s Super Bowl Party: Just imagine Dana walking into Zipps in Scottsdale! Blogger parties at the Super Bowl are all the rage. Dana on a table throwing out an F bomb laced review of God Save The Fan.

And she doesn’t even have to worry about any of the bloggers taking her home.

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